The Vesak full moon day is most significant to Buddhists due to three main events took place on this day. The last birth of the Bodhisattva, Enlightenment and Maha Parinibbāna (Demise) of the Buddha.

Birth of the Bodhisattva (Prince Siddhartha)

On the Vesak full moon day two thousand six hundred years ago the last birth of Bodhisattva took place at Lumbini Royal park.

Enlightenment of the Buddha

One happy Vesak night, as he was seated under the famous Pippala tree at Buddha Gaya, with mind tranquilized and purified, and comprehending things as they truly are, attained Perfect Enlightenment

Samma Sambodhi Parinibbana

At the age of eighty, three months before the Vesak Full Moon day Gautama Buddha determined the term of his life. The Buddha addressed His disciples and said that all component things are transient and advised them to strive on with diligence. “After the lapse of three months from now on the Accomplished One will attain Maha Parinibbana”. He rested on the couch placed between two Sala trees at the Upavattana Sala grove and attained Maha Parinibbana on a Vesak Full moon day. 


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