Triennial General Meeting at Freechurch hall 19th of October at 3.30pm

Meeting started at 4pm after observing five precepts by Wimala thero.

List of Attendees

  1. Ven. D. Wimala Thero
  2. Rev. H. Kusala Thero
  3. Rev. Pannavamsa Thero
  4. Tharanga De Silva
  5. Yasa Rajapakse
  6. Rusiru Kothalawala
  7. Madusha De Silva
  8. Dilip Gunawardena
  9. Upendra Herath
  10. Ajith Jayawardena
  11. Kevin Weerasekara
  12. Upul Jayawardena
  13. Prasaj De Silva
  14. Amila Welangoda
  15. Nimal Dayaratne
  16. Lalitha Dayaratne
  17. Manori Pathiranage
  18. Imalka Pathiranage
  19. Champika Athukorala
  20. Chandi Bulathsinhala
  21. Lakshmi Wijesundara
  22. Chandra Wijesundara
  23. Ravi Perera
  24. Tharidu Perera
  25. Charith Gunathilaka
  26. Selin Kodagoda
  27. Nilmani Lekamwattage
  28. Champa Ranasinghe
  29. Sampath. Ranasinghe
  30. Chandani Dias
  31. Haris Kodagoda
  32. Jayantha Karunadasa


According to the agenda, message read by CD from the chief incumbent. Welcome addressed by the president followed by secretary’s report and finally treasurer’s report present by JK.

CD read the voting for the nominated candidates. The new office bearers were elected by the majority of the votes at the meeting according to the nomination forms. 


New Office Bearers

President- Upul Jayawardena

Assistant- Prasaj De Silva

Joint Secretary- Chandani Dias

Joint Secretary- Prasan De Silva

Treasurer- Jayantha Karunadasa

Assistant- Dilip Gunawardene


Committee Members

Haris Kodagoda

Yasa Rajapakse

Nilmani Lekamwattage

Colvin Jayasinghe

Mahesh De Silva

Manori Pathiranage

Charith Gunathilaka

Rusiru Kothalawala

Tharidu Perera

Amila Welangoda

Kevin Weerasekara

Pasidu Ranasinghe

Nadun Rathnayaka


Progress of moving temple

  1. HK has explained the current situation of the building fund and the mortgage process stating that the arrangements are being processed well. Therefore, the moving of the temple to the new premises will most probably be successful within a month time.
  2. JK has explained that it is required to send gentle reminds to the devotees who have pledged to make contributions to the building fund but not yet made. As the process is its final stage it is important to have the fund ready.  He also commended the devotees who made contributions outside the agreed devotees’ list. Name of Mrs Hil was mentioned with a great appreciation for donating £ 5000 pounds to the building fund.
  3. The temple committee has agreed to let Mrs Champika Athukorala to use the Letchworth temple charity link on her Facebook to invite her friends to make their contributions to the temple`s building fund on her birthday.

Next committee meeting will be at 10th of November at 3.30pm at the temple premises


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