Kathina Ceremony

The Meritorious Event of Colouring The Katina Robe – Traditionally Carried out Over 2258 Years.


The 2014 Vass Aradana Ceremony was held successfully on the 12th Saturday at the Temple premises. We have attached here the 'Vassana Programme Sponsorship of Buddha Pooja & Dhamma Talk'.

2013 Katina Ceremony was held by The Buddhist Community Centre Letchworth (BCCL) on 19th October at the Free Church Hall, Norton Way, Letchworth Garden City. This year the Katina Poojava was sponsored by Dr. Sri Kantha and Mrs. Chandani Dias and Family, Dr. Yasa Rajapaksa and Family, and Mr. and Mrs. Nimal and Lalitha Dayarathne and Family, with the great support of the management committee and all the other devotees of Vihara.

The Chief Incumbent Rev. Dediyawala Wimala Maha Thero and the Management Committee of BCCL would like to extend their sincere gratitude and appreciation for all those who made a special commitment and dedication in organising the Katina this year.

The Kathina Ceremony 2011 was held by Buddhist Community Center Letchworth (BCCL) on 29th October 2011 at Free Church Hall, Letchworth Garden City. This year Kathina Poojava was sponsored by Dr. Ranjith Welgama, Mrs. Jinanjali Welgama and family with the great support of the management committee and all other devotees of Vihara.


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